Helena Månsson – Author Skinsa.com

Helena Månsson is the Editor in Chief at Skinsa.com

Helena was born in Växjö, Sweden in 1964 and was raised there until in her teenage years they moved to Borås.

While in Borås she figured she wanted to become a skin & foot care professional.

Said and done when you graduated high school she went on study at SHR (SVERIGES HUDTERAPEUTERS RIKSORGANISATION) which is the most prestigious skincare school in Sweden.

She was an A-class student and after she was done with her education, she started her own beauty and skincare saloon in Klippan, Sweden.

Her saloon is called Helenas Fot & Skönhetsvård and is based on the following address: Allég. 11, 264 33 Klippan.

Recently with some help from her son Carl Månsson and his partner Sebastian Högberg their company Dreamlead Ltd, she recently started Skinsa.com with ambitions to become a global leader in SPF skincare affiliation.