About us

Skinsa is a project started in collaboration between Dreamlead LTD which is a Maltese company and Helena’s Foot & amp; Beauty care in Klippan, which is a Swedish company.

As the sun becomes more dangerous with each passing day, Dreamlead LTD wanted to expand its services to sunscreen and self-tanning products that allow people to stay beautiful and tanned in a safer way.

As we do not have expertise in skin care, we teamed up with Helena Månsson who runs the company Helena’s Foot and Beauty Care.

She thought it was fun to provide the knowledge about the products we compare on the site and how to most safely protect yourself from the sun.

Our story

Helena’s Foot and Beauty Care has been around in Klippan for over 30 years and daily helps customers with skin and foot treatments and helps people find the right SPF products for their needs.

Skinsa will be a new adventure on the journey that we hope will be appreciated by a wider audience online.

Our mission

Helping people get tanned safely with also amazing results.

Our vision

To become the world’s largest comparison site for sunscreen products.


We are a charitable company and we are currently active in charities combating deforestation throughout the world. We are giving away one planted tree for every new order of SPF products we generate to our partners.

We truly believe that giving back is the key to having a great sustainable business.